The Wishing Box

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Life sucked.

That was all Nicole could think about as she stood behind the counter at her crappy paying job that just barely paid enough to keep her from going hungry. Between her student debt and rising inflation, Nicole was firmly stuck in a hole that was only getting deeper and deeper by the day.

Still, she smiled a little as an old lady stepped up to the counter, a regular of the store named Claudia who always made Nicole feel a little better, even on her worst days. However, that happiness was shortlived as Nicole remembered that Claudia was moving today, and this would likely be the last time she ever saw her.

“What’s wrong, sweetie?” Claudia asked as Nicole rung up her items, noticing the sad look in the girl’s eyes.

“I… I’m going to miss you,” Nicole replied, just barely keeping from bursting into tears.

“Me too…”…

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Daddy’s Outing

Padded Little Paradise

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“What’s the problem, honey? Is there something the matter with those yoga pants of yours?”

Michelle’s face is flushed with indignation as she turns to me, tugging at the waist of her burgundy Lululemons like a peevish toddler. “But- but…” And then her voice sinks down into an embarrassed, hoarse whisper. “Daddy… it’s just so big. It’s so thick. Someone’s gonna see!”

At which I merely grin and shrug good-naturedly. “Oh, really? You really think all the other people on this trail are going to be staring at your bum when they pass?” But of course I can’t help my sadistic daddydom streak as I press further. “What do you think, baby – are they going to see that nice, round, crinkly booty and figure it out? Are you scared that they’ll giggle and whisper about the great big girl back there who’s clearly wearing a

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